Who makes all these?

Besides the help of my trusty 3D printer, mainly me! I design everything from start to finish and handle all the production, logistics, etc. I do bounce ideas off of a few close friends and fellow toymakers from time-to-time. Which reminds me, check out their awesome work here and here!


When will I receive my toys? I need them nowww!

I can't offer Amazon Prime shipping but I promise to get most packages out the door within a day. USPS then takes about 1-5 business days to deliver but sudden weather changes or service interruptions can spoil the fun. If a package does get lost or damaged then please contact me via info@pocketplastic.com


How much does shipping cost?

USPS First Class (under 13oz) - $4.95 (1-7 days)

USPS Priority Mail (over 13oz) - $7.95 (1-3 days)

USPS First Class for Canada Only - $10.95 (5-10 days)

USPS First Class International - $14.95 (7-21 days)


Will you make the 3D files available for download?

Short answer is... Nope. While there are many great resources for free 3D print files I will not be uploading mine anywhere. However, I do hope to create more online tutorials to show you how to make your own toys! Give a man a fish and you'll feed him for, I'd say about two hours depending on how big that fish was. That fish may not be that tasty and he may not even like fish but... well you get the idea.