Story of Big Top

This is the first figure I have officially released. I made it while I was gathering the equipment and materials I needed to start producing my own resin toys. I just started doing this so I was constantly confused and unsure of myself. Because of the way I was feeling, I decided to create a toy that shared that same quality of uncertainty and chance. I came up with the idea of combining the game of rock-paper-scissors with a spinning top.

The tricky part about creating this figure was getting the balance right during the sculpting phase. I spent countless hours fine-tuning the balance between the three hands so that the top wouldn’t weigh down more on one side. This way, there would be an even chance for each hand to come up when the top stopped spinning.

However, after testing the first resin casts of the figure I noticed that it was still slightly unbalanced and that varied from figure-to-figure. This was due to the fact that sanding and polishing each one takes a bit of weight off. As the amount of sanding and polishing is different for each figure they all become slightly unbalanced.

At first I thought that this was a serious problem but then I realized that maybe it was better this way. This imbalance between each of the tops causes them to behave differently from one another and gives them their own sort of "personality". It's similar to how people tend to throw out a certain hand more than others in rock-paper-scissors depending on their personal preference. 

In the process of creating Big Top I realized that I was getting too frustrated when things didn't go the way I wanted them to. I was trying to get this figure to be as perfect as possible since it was going to be my very first release. Whenever something went wrong I got too hung up about it. I learned that there will always be problems but they teach us to adapt in positive ways. I'm not trying to create some perfect work of art. I just want to make something fun that people can enjoy.

Thanks for reading through this blog post and I hope that my journey in creating Big Top was as interesting and enlightening for you as it was for me!



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